Sira Kura

2022.12.09 - 12.18

Duo exhibition “Sira Kura” together with dye master Chiharu Ohgomori (Takarajima Senkou) at Studio Tina Hellberg.


Sira kura is a Japanese word derived from Shiro Kuro (white and black). Shiro Kuro is usually used in the sense of dividing things clearly into two parts, such as “right or wrong”, “left or right”. However, white and black colours that we actually see with our eyes in our daily life are not just acromatic colours, but always have deep and complex shades and colour temperatures in them.

In this exhibition, Chiharu Ohgomori, dye master and founder of the small hand-dyeing factory Takarajima Senkou in Fukuoka, Japan, and Shogo Hirata, a textile artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden, present the first chapter of the Sira kura project, exploring the richness and depth of shades in black and white through many layers of natural dyeing processes and skills.





Material: Cotton fabric, Paper

Technique: Various natural dyeing methods, Patchwork

Size: various sizes

Year: 2022


Photo by Mikael Lundblad