Scenography for "Gnugga" by Takuya Fujisawa

Acrylic painted abstract flowing pattern on each side of bendable plywoods, made for a dance performance “Gnugga” choreographed by Takuya Fujisawa. The pattern is painted as one picture on each side. In the performance, these boards are shifted, bent, connected, separated, stacked and built up.


“Gnugga” – A visualization of strain and friction.

Flexible painting and dancers on stage. 

The interlocking patterns are a metaphor for the ideal, and as they are moved and distorted, they evoke the gap between ideal and reality. Like our memories, which are a mixture of fact and fiction. By Takuya Fujisawa


Material: Bendable plywoods

Size: 240x80cm x 12pcs
Technique: Acrylic Painting

Year: 2022


Première at Folkteatern, Göteborg in March 2022

AliasTeater, Stockholm in April 2022


Choreography: Takuya Fujisawa

Dance: Malin Kvist, Beda Åsbrink, Takuya Fujisawa

Music: Maria Hansson, Takuya Fujisawa

Lighting design: Diblik Rabia

Film and editing: Donovan von Martens

Scenography: Shogo Hirata

Poster design & photo: Shogo Hirata

Supported by Kulturradet, Danscentrum väst, Folkteatern and Alias teaternpremière