I am a handcraft textile artist/ fashion designer/ graphic designer.

Student at Capellagården on Öland. Born in 1986 in Kyoto, Japan. In 2012, I moved to Sweden and started my education in the textile design department at Capellagården. Since then, I have been exploring possibilities of hand craft through experiences of different techniques. I aim to build my own small fashion brand. The brand mission centers on creating unique designs and individual textures with hand craft. My concept of design is based on the followings:
 - To create a thing having a playful spirit and simplicity
 - To review everything witch is taken for granted and find new and more effective perspective
 - To enjoy the whole process

2012年よりスウェーデンに移住し、スウェーデンの手工芸学校 CapellaGårdenでテキスタイルデザインを専攻中。手仕事から生まれる独自性や質感を生かした少さなファッションブランドをスウェーデン、日本を 中心に展開するため、さまざまな角度からハンドクラフトの可能性を模索中。

Work & Education

2004 - 2008 Bachelor of Media Informatics concentration, Ryukoku University, Japan
2006 - 2007 Graphic Design School, Japan
2008 - 2012 YARAKASUKAN Co,.Ltd. as a Graphic Designer
                        Creating sales promotion strategies and tools for various manufacturers as an Art Director and Designe。.
2012 - 2014 Textile design department at Capellagården, Sweden
2012 -           Freerance Graphic Designer / Art Directer